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Adam’s peak well known as a Sri Pada mountain located in central Sri Lanka. Buddhist believe the impression on the summit is the sacred footprint of Lord Buddha himself.

Mountain is 2244 meters high and 40km away from Ratnapura and Climbing Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada) is one of the best travel experiences in Sri Lanka. Temperature changes significantly as you reach the top, and this is exacerbated by the wind. At the top, of the mountain, the wind is very strong, but the scenery is breathtaking. Clouds lying 500m below hit the mountain and skim over the top, giving a spectacular sight.

Sri Pada climbing season is December to April. There were around 5500 steep steps and it takes around 5 hours to reach the peak.

Access to the mountain has 6 trails

  • Ratnapura – Palabaddala
  • Hatton – Nallathanni
  • Kuruwita – Erathna
  • Murraywatte
  • Mookuwatte
  • Malimboda
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