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Hill country Train tour Sri Lanka

Overnight stay in Kandy

Leave early morning from Colombo to Kandy at 7.30 am by train ( 1st class observation ) & reach Kandy at 9.30 am. The scenery on the trip is exceptional and provides a glimpse of normal every-day living in Sri Lanka. The train tracks are used as a public pathway connecting all of the villages along the route and you will be kept fully occupied viewing the scenery along the way as the train slowly makes its way

through the,

  • Tea plantations
  • Colourful farmlands
  • Hills
  • Manmade tunnels
  • Bridges

Kandy the 2nd largest city in the country after Colombo. It was the last capital of the ancient king’s era of Sri Lanka. At Kandy,

you can explore,

  • Sri Dalada Maligawa ( the Temple of Tooth Relic)
  • Kandy Lake
  • Kandy National Museum
  • Bahirawa Kanda.

Overnight stays in Kandy.

Overnight stay in Badulla

Leave morning at 8.45am the departure from Kandy transfer to Badulla. Arrivals to Badulla 16.10pm. Badulla is most nature scenic places in Sri Lanka. It’s the main city of Uva province & situated lower central hills of Sri Lanka. On your way to Badulla through hills,

you can explore the scenic sceneries of

  • Waterfalls
  • Tea estate
  • Stone tunnels
  • Ancient arch bridges

After an unforgettable train journey proceeds your overnight stay in Badulla.

Overnight stay in Bandarawela

3rd day of Hill country Train tour Sri Lanka after breakfast (by vehicle) leave to Dunhida waterfall. Meaning of “Dun” in Sinhala is smoke and the mist created by this falls is like a smoke. The waterfall is 64 meters high.

After that proceed Uva Halpewatta Tea Factory. It’s built in 1940 & Halpewatte Tea has been producing some of the most distinctively delicious tealeaves hailing from Ceylon. You can taste & buy delicious pure Ceylon tea from the factory.

End of the unforgetable journey

After breakfast start to back to Colombo through beautiful sightseeing, waterfalls, tea estate & hill county nature.

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