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Kataragama is located in Monaragala district, Uva province and it is a pilgrimage town sacred to Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and indigenous Vedda people of Sri Lanka. Also, people from South India also go there to worship.

Temple is a temple complex dedicated to Buddhist guardian deity Kataragama God and Also, Hindu War God Kathirkamam. 280km inland from Colombo and 19km from Tissamaharama.

A festival procession that travels through the temple’s roads, the Kataragama Perahera is part and parcel of honor of the god Skanda. Countless devotees and visiting spectators gather for this traditional annual event. Usually taking place in the months of July or August, the Perahera runs for about two weeks, traveling from the Maha Devalaya to the Valli Ama Devalaya and returning again to its point of origin, and ending with the cutting ceremony on its last day.

Highlights in Kataragama

  • Sacred city of Kathragama
  • Kathragama Temple
  • Kiriwehera – Buddhist  Temple
  • Perahera festival
  • Yala National Park – good for explore wildlife and safari

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