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“The Knuckles Mountain Range” lies in central Sri Lanka, in the Districts of Matale and Kandy. The higher montane area is often robed in thick layers of cloud. In addition to its aesthetic value, the range is of great scientific interest.

Also, know this mountain range is Dumbara Mitiyawatha which means “The Misty Vally

Mountain range is home to mammals such as wild boar, spotted deer, giant squirrel, barking deer, purple-faced leaf monkey, mongoose, and porcupine are found here.

The Knuckles Mountain Range is very popular for the trekking and camping tour.

It has many nature trails

  • Mini-worlds end trails in the west and east
  • Pitawala patena trail
  • Ash cave trail
  • Nitre cave trail
  • Knuckles summit trail


The temperature is between 5c and 35c.

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