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Ratnapura is a major city of Sri Lanka and situated in Sabaragamuwa Province and also, known as a “City of Gems” It is a traditional centre for the Gem trade. Also, a lot of Gem shops are in the city.

The city is located on the Kalu (black) river in South Central and 101 km away from the Colombo. So, there is well-established tourism industry and nearby Sinharaja Rainforest, Udawalawa National park, and Adams peak tourist destinations.

It’s also very famous for Maha Saman Devalaya a shrine dedicated to god Saman. The god Saman is a Buddhist deity considered to be the guardian of Ratnapura.

Tourist attractions

  • Sinharaja Rainforest
  • Maha Saman Devalaya
  • Adams peak
  • Bopath Ella (waterfall)
  • Gemmological Museum
  • National Museum Rathnapura
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