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Sri Lanka Hill Country Train Tour

Sri Lanka Hill country Train tour is the most beautiful Train tour in the world.

Tour destinations are Colombo to Kandy & Badulla.

Colombo to Kandy tour

The scenery on the trip is exceptional and provides a glimpse of normal every-day living in Sri Lanka. The train tracks are used as a public pathway connecting all of the villages along the route and you will be kept fully occupied viewing the scenery along the way as the train slowly makes its way

through the,

  • Tea plantations
  • Colourful farmlands
  • Hills
  • Manmade tunnels
  • Bridges

Kandy to Badulla tour

Badulla is most nature scenic places in Sri Lanka. It’s the main city of Uva province & situated lower central hills of Sri Lanka. On your way to Badulla through hills,

you can explore the scenic sceneries of

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