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Sri Lanka has a lot of secrets to be discovered and Sri Lankan food is one of them. The tastes and the smells of Sri Lankan food is a truly satisfying experience and the unique blend of local spices and coconut milk used in traditional culinary sets Sri Lankan cuisine apart from other traditional Asian cuisine.

A few things about Sri Lankan food can be said with certainty: Sri Lankans thoroughly love spices, they love food that explodes with flavour, and many enjoy deep fried, and very tasty, snacks. Whatever you choose to eat in Sri Lanka, your mouth is going to rejoice with happiness. The very famous Sri Lankan cuisine dates back with the influence of colonists and foreign traders that came to the country many years ago. Their cuisine mostly consists of rice which is their staple food and meals that are full of spices and other tasty ingredients. Rice and curry is the well known dish for a regular meal.

The central feature of Sri Lankan cuisine is boiled or steamed rice, served with a curry of fish, chicken, beef or mutton, along with other curries made with vegetables, lentils, or fruits. Dishes are accompanied by pickled fruits or vegetables, chutneys, and sambols.

Here are some you shouldn’t miss.
* Fish ambul thiyal (sour fish curry)
* Kottu (also, kottu roti
* Kukul mas curry (chicken curry)
* Parippu (dhal curry)
* Lamprais
* Hoppers (appa or appam)
* String hoppers (indi appa or idiyappam)
* Polos (green jackfruit curry)
* Wambatu moju (eggplant/brinjals pickle)
* Gotu kola sambol (pennywort salad)
* Kiribath with lunu miris
* Pol Sambol (coconut relish)
* Pol Sambol (coconut relish)
* Wood apple
* Rabuttan – Seasonal fruits
* Awrudu Kavili
and more to taste ……….

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